Who needs a cover?

I am making covers for free.
Just reply and answer these questions:

  1. what genera is your story?
    2)what is your story called?
  2. do you want your title on it?
    4)What do you want on your cover?

Here are my examples.

FotoJet watermark cover

If you are interested plz tell me how I can contact you (optional) You can contact me on forms message.


Hi Des! Can I get something like the cover for secrets in the the night, but without a title and no one in the background besides the two characters, male and female! You can make the background anything u like that is realistic! Preferably some type of field of flowers. I want to have this as an art scene within the story since I love all of your work!

hey i need an cover for my new story: the secret of notes

I don’t have a cover yet but i am working on my first story.
it is my first story i ever writen. so it may take some time because i need to figure out how writing in episode works haha

desription: When a girl transfers to a new school she meets the bad boy, who is also in a band. What wills they do when they catch feelings for each other, and they find out they are destined for each other. How will she deal with all the fangirls and jealousy?
genre: drama and romance

  • I would love to have the name on it
  • On the cover i want the 2 maincharacters (Joshua and Jessica) and i want Joshua them to close to eachother if you know what i mean haha and i want music notes around them

the deets of the characters are

Jessica (the MC) looks like:

body: caramel
brow: defined natural
hair: beach wave hair (grey blond)
eyes: almond luxe (bleu)
face: diamond
nose: soft natural
lips: full round (taupe)

Joshua (the LI)

body: light
brow: bushy wide
hair: boy bun (aburn)
eyes: Deepset Piercing (brown)
face: defined triangle
nose: athletic button
lips: classic (terracotta)

I would love to.

Thank you!!! :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: