Who needs a writing partner or someone who can code?(LIMELIGHT)

I have been practicing coding on episode and love writing but i never really had the inspiration for writing my own story,so if anyone needs my help in writing their story here’s my discord :
Hime Sakura#8118



Do you have a discord?


Whatever, do you have Instagram?

I don’t dont have Instagram!

Hi, I need some help writing my story!

INK or LL?

It’s in INK

Okay, I can help :upside_down_face:

Do You Have IG?

Yes, and I have discord.

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Okay, My IG is lullaby.epi DM me on there :v:

@Dijunchan Are You Doing INK or LL?

I’m only doing Limelight

Cool, can you send me a friend request ?

I need help with coding for complex choices and remembering them. If you are still doing this? I can redownload discord if needed

Okay,I do believe I know how to do it, all you have to do is send me a friend request since I already typed down what you need to search

this will be so helpful! Give me a sec to redownload, I just got a new phone lol

Okay, we won’t be able to talk much since it’s like 7 am in my country and ai have to go to school, so I’ll send you a messege when I arrive