Who Needs An Art Scene?

I am able to make some art scenes, and if anyone wants one, please dm me and please give me these things;
Pictures of the Characters
Background( If you have one)
Pose/ Reference picture (A drawn reference would be prefered)
deadline ( If you have one)
style (Flat colours or shading)

And here are some rules;
No sexual scenes. (Kissing is fine)
No sparse clothing (like underwear and stuff)
No deadlines under 15 days (I’m only human, and I need rest, or because I’m lazy)
So I can pretty much do anything else ( bcause I can’t think of anything else…)

Here’s some of my past work.
(From new to old)

68d2c7157641f1d3dac43e841a46978feb0fb59a_1_690x408 2e6c7ac12983835ff784de2515226628e1cbfb77_1_690x408

I am a learning artist and the I do won’t be Monet, but I will try.

I also have school that I sadly have to go to, and I’m not able to draw all the time, so I will take a while, finding time as well as doing all my homework.

So if you don’t have a deadline that is 3 days or something, I should be able to do it for you.

Please DM me if this isn’t closed, because when it is closed, IT WILL SAY CLOSED!
so please just DM me if you meet all these requirements, so we can discuss details.

Have a good day!

Faye out


I love my art scene. Its going to be in Chapter 8 or 9 I still have to make up my mind on when I want that to happen with all the other drama that is going to be mixed it before and after this scene. :slight_smile:


Sure! I’ll start sketching, as long as you confirm that you are fine with all the rules and the style of art that I do.

Please DM me so I don’t have to ask you things on this thread, thank you! :blush:

You were my first art scene and when I look at it now, It’s not that good, and I’ll be happy to redraw it for you if you would like. :blush:

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Ok, that’s good, i’ll starts a chat so I can get the details :blush:

I like it but if you want to you can. :blue_heart: