Who needs help on a story cover


Would you like to draw an art scene for me?

This is so nice!!

I’ll try to make in art scene for you . plus you will be my first

Thx gurll

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So sure

Hey would you be able to help me with a art scene?

I’ll try

Hello @Salima.epi, this is Sydney the moderator. Welcome to the forum. :smiley:

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Cool! I will pm you!

Is it okay if you add me on snap or Instagram so we could tallk there cuz… Idk that much about this app

Sorry i have no social media :confused:

Ohh thats okay

What type of art scene do you want???

Do you want that art scene?

I would like this guy:
with his hands on this girls (coming up) face and looking lovingly down on her

I’ll try

tysm girly!

Lol iv never did a scene like this so ill try my best