Who needs this awesome custom backgrounds?❤️

3 participants from my Forum Giveaway Nr1 will get random background (with overlays) from my Donors Drive :heart:

What you have to do?

  1. In my DM send me a proof you read 3 chapters of story “Not an angel” from Marion.
  2. Comment to this post what you think about the story, why you like it or dislike it. And if you will continue reading it.

Thanks everyone who enters! :heart:

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Examples of what you can find in my Donors Drive:

Why am I doing this giveaway?

  • Because I want to promote small author with her first story, which definitely needs reads according to it’s quality.
  • Because I don’t create backgrounds for myself, but for this community. And this is a perfect way to share them. :heart:

Read the first post in this thread! :heart:


I really love your story! It’s really funny skks, and I love the characters personality’s and everything. I’m definitely reading on

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I am starting to read it now.

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Hey :heart: I’m glad you like it!

Story is not mine, wish it was :smiley:

I got your pm, I’m answering now.

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Choose one from above backgrounds :heart:

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Rooftop :slight_smile:

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I hope you will like it too :heart:


Bump :heart:

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