Who plays star stable?

Anyone here plays it? I feel like no one talks about it…:joy:

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no one talks about other games because we are not allowed to, read the rules

Oh thanks I’ll close it sorry…

@Sydney_H may you close this thread I didn’t follow the rules

I hope I didnt offend you, I was just trying to help :heart:

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@Keke_3 you can talk about it! There’s no right or wrong on talking about it. I’m pretty positive it’s not in the rules, because you can talk about other games. There are serveal other threads that talk about games too. So, @Sydney_H , don’t close it, because she is following the rules.

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She can talk about it. I’m pretty sure , there a several other threads on games as well. It’s not against the rule, so like/

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Actually, if you read this rule:

  • The plugging and/or advertising of non-Episode related websites, items, or content;

I know she did not advertise it but some people that dont know that game are probably gonna google it and play it because of her topic, anyway its just an opinion so

That’s not advertising :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Did you read what I said? :hugs:
I thought of it in a different way, and I pointed out that it’s just an opinion too

Non related episode websites?

I see alot of people have Instagram threads? Are they following the rules…? Well, I see no harm done in doing this


Yes I did read what you said, but her asking if people are playing star stable isn’t advertising even if people do check out the app after they see this

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Didn’t know about that since i’m new, oh well, sorry :woman_shrugging:

you wonder why no one cares because they don’t read the rules. So, I can see who did and didn’t :expressionless:

I meant I didn’t know about instagram threads since i never saw one,not the rule


Discussing other games that are not similar to Episode (like other story games) is fine. For instance, there have been discussions about Sims, Roblox, Final Fantasy, and random ones off of Steam. So long as you’re just talking about and not advertising it, it’s not a violation. :smiley:


I used to play it a couple of years ago lol

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Oh thank goodness thanks Sydney❤

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