Who reads The Shaw Brothers here?



yeahhh exactly!


:joy::joy::joy::joy: I should really stop doing that , I’m upset over everything…ah oh well


I support Mason cuz I would be like that in real life :neutral_face:




@sofia2 oofff




He really deserves love. Christopher is…I dunno…too complicated. And my life is already hella complicated to solve another complication :joy:


Finally someone agrees with me.


Looool I love how you put yourself in the situation of April


It’s been a long journey to get this far :joy::sleepy:


we survived it


Or at least I did you stan Christopher


Nah man, I was routing for you, I even changed my vote for Mason when you were upset I changed it back later on :sweat_smile:


manki told me to protect his sis :sunglasses:

I first put myself in Jade’s position, then Austin’s position, then Riot’s position, then Mason’s position, then Amethyst’s position, then Kai’s position…and then finally, April’s position :sunglasses:


On September the 12th, we have survived the debate of the shaw brothers


Awww LMAO that is so sweet lol I bet he didn’t say that… :joy:


Loool why did it take that long to get to MC


But still gurlllll you received +9 points collnes from me :sunglasses:



he didn’t say it, he IMPLIED it, dat stupid MoNkEy MaNki :sunglasses:


i am thinking the same. I guess Jade struck me first. I also planned to take over Shaw Bros dad and Parker, but i was kinda busy hehe…