Who reads The Shaw Brothers here?



hey @leslie_giselle! any updates about the shaw brothers that you know about?


No not any yet


@Aims1141 gurlll this thread is dying cuz there is no updates Lolll :joy::sob:


HeyyyyyyyyyyyI knoww!!! When will she update!!!


do you know if she is even going To update? its been a while


I honestly don’t know but it’s been months now. It might take a while, I’m starting to loose my love towards Christopher :frowning:


NEVER LOOSE IT GIRL! im sure violet wont let us down. #teamchristifor for life!


Idk but I hope soon!


You know what? I’m actually over Chrissyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy but Masey is just :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:


Damn gurll yes you are #masey quiny for win :fire:


BUMPPPPPPPPPPP!!!1111111 :joy:


Bump BUMPPO :tada:


Bump :relieved:


Bump :ok_hand::smirk:
Lmao still no update I think


I’m so late to replyyyyyyy!!! I haven’t spoken to you in agessss! Y NO UPDATEEE!!! WE NEED MASEY FFS!



YESsssssssssssssss gurlllll we need to catch up

idkkkkkk i need my Masey teaaaaaaaa



Do you still love MASEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I’m losing hope :sleepy:


Gurllll YASSS MASEY QUNNIE IS life :heart_eyes:
Lmao gimme me your character details :ok_hand:t3::smirk:


Sissss you knowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! CHRISSY STILL CAN NEVERRRR!!! SHREK IS STILL QUAKING!!!

Wasss dat? :joy::joy:


SHREK BE QUACKING IN HIS SWAMP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Btw I meant your character details, I wanted to make an edit of us two stanning Masey :v::smirk:
Btw check my bio :joy::joy: