Who remember the name of this story?


I was reading a story on my old phone, but then I transferred the game and lost all progress. There is one story I can’t remember the name from.
The story was about a broke girl who lives with her bestfriend and the bestfriends boyfriend. She worked as a stripper/bartender but she wanted to be a doctor. She then meets a rich guy who ones several hospitals. The end up sleeping together. The main character and the male character got along great and the even started to fall in love. But the family who doesn’t approve and the guys ex who wanted to get back together do everything to get them apart. The even set the main character up by blackmailing the brother of the male character (he’s gay but his family doesn’t know). The main character gets an opportunity to work in one of the male characters hospitals but only in a different place. She accepts and leaves with a co-worker. The male character then found out she was pregnant. And rushes after her. This is as far into the story as I got.
I don’t remember the titel nor the author. So it would really help if someone could help me. I would really appreciate it.


This story sounds really good I hope you find it!

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