Who sang this song 😜


Who sang Be Faithful?

Fatman Scoops

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What’s the next song?

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Who sang jingle bell rock

Bobby Darrin? I think that sounds right

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Bobby helms but close enough
You get to ask somebody else
If you don’t want to be tagged tell me and I will remove it

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That’s okay

Who sang 1985?

Bowling for soup

Who sang The Middle?

Not that 1985 … Would you like a lyric to help you hint?

Yea, didn’t know there was another one. :sweat_smile:

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Think tiktok

Here’s the lyric
“I guess it’s true that some people really gotta fight to survive,
and some people are just white guys in 1985”

Do you mean Bo Burnham?

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Yes … Also, I love that song The Middle but I can’t for the life of me remeber the band’s name

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I wouldn’t know how to give you a hint. :sweat_smile: It’s a band, three words, first one starts with a J.

Can I drop otu of guessing this one? Now that you reminded me of the song’s existence I want to listen to it, but if I’m guessing it wouldn’t be fair because then I would find out the band’s name while listening to it …

Sure. Just so that it doesn’t get lost

Who sang The Middle?


Yes I did read it again and you will see my question.

See @Brooke2759

I just don’t think people understand what you mean by
Who song who said
Maybe make it a little more clear @episodeLynne

But is the answer Selena Gomez @episodeLynne

Who sang summer

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