Who The Hell Is Noob Loop?



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Beep boop: This post includes sensitive topics.
Noob Loop is a girl who makes romantic stories. I’ve only read her “Pregnant By My Student,” which I loved the humor, but it’s just… dumb. I’ve heard that she made stories that glorified sexual assault(?) I heard that she makes stories that promote sensitive topics… Anyways, she’s just a really… messed up person.


Noob Loop is an author who write story very oversexualized stories and is known for having her story, “Sore Loser” banned from Wattpad, which romanticized rape and other disturbing subjects.
She’s also written stories like “Pregnant By My Student”, in which the student forced himself onto MC.


Woah, I did not know this… wow.






I saw some of her stories, and pretty much all the ones I’ve read included sexual scenes.


Don’t all stories have some sort of sexual stuff in it


No, not all stories.


Why is the noob loob getting so much hate then


Because her story iis just straight up weird and unrealistic kinda. Ive red Pregnant by my student before and after reading the first xhapter i quitted reading


I have never heard of her or readed any of her stories,I’m going to.read “pregnant by my student” (probably one chapter so I don’t spend any tickets) but It already sounds dumb :joy:


Does that not go against Episode content guidelines? I’m surprised they were published.


When I installed the Episode app for the first time, I went to the Romance shelf and saw that “Pregnant by my student” was the most popular one. I have never liked pregnancy stories of that kind. But I tried the first chapter and like you said, it was just… dumb. I got confused, I mean how could Episode approve this story although the guy forced himself on the MC? And how the hell was it one of the favorites?


I remember reading Sore Loser on Episode (there was kidnapping,raping that happend 2 times,)
Episode removed that story after 11 MONTHS.
So much about their rules…


What does forced him self on MC mean?
(I’m not from English-speaking country and I have no idea what is that?)


I’ve never heard of her, but it really takes a lot to get something removed from Wattpad.


He tried to have sex with her although she didn’t want to


Oh my gosh ikr! Its so dumb not reality even…


Wow, that girl needs to chill.