Who thinks i should write a riverdale story!😍

I’m thinking of writing a story like RIVERDALE but in episode what do y’all think?

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You cannot do that, its against content guidelines :confused:


It goes against guidelines.

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What if it’s a bit different?

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Fanfiction is also against guidelines.

Well that’s just stupid…

Every gang story on here is practically a riverdale story.

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no it’s really not. there’s so many copyright issues. you can write on wattpad if you want that.

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Nah I’ll just come up with something else I guess…

yaaas i luv riverdale :heart:

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Copying and Fanfiction is indeed a no-go, but don’t let that discourage you from writing here on Episode! :hugs:


Solved and closed. Thanks @Alexx.lapakka, @The_Saminator, and @Tyler! :smiley: