Who wannna do art with me #collabs



Haiii it’s me Alex haiiii,

Sooo This is a new thing that I created named: Who wanna do art with me

So who wanna do art with me is a thing that I created.
K Here are the rules and how it works
You have to Google a picture of a girl (or boy) and recreate them.
You have to do This with 2 people.
You and the other person have to recreate the picture in episode style (the episode characters)

So This were the rules
And if you want to do This tag me @AlexVale1
And name it also who wanna do art with me❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I can tell you’re new to the forums :wink: Art collab is working together to make art :no_mouth:


I am new to forums But I ain’t new to editing


I think people will understanding What I am saying

Shareeee your art

I can do that

Also I found it @AlexVale1


Okkiiii do you want to choose picture or Me


you choose



Sure ^^


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Your backkkk