Who want to be i my fantasy story?

I’m creating story about fantasy. I do not have name or description yet. So you can be witch, alien, werewolf, vampire, angel, demon or anything you want. If you want to be in this story just fill this form:

Style is LimeLight

Race(human, vampire, alien and ETC):
Sepecial request(if you have one):
Characters looks:

If you want you can add few outfits.

Sorry if my english is bad.

mee filing it out

bye then

I forget to say that style is LL

Ok nvm I don’t do LL sry

Name. Adriana
Age: 18
Race: Witch
Personality: Goofy and Funny… a little crazy at times
Backstory: she was born into a family of humans but when she turned 16 she found out she had powers and her parents kicked her out
Character Looks:


she said it was LL

He* :smiley:

you changed it

I decided to do Ink because I realised you can’t do old peoples in LL

ohh ok can I still be in the story


tysm Im sorry im just am not into LL that much

Yeah I’m also more like ink, but LL have more clothing. But now I realised that I can’t do old people in LL.


You want your character to be vampire and she is 15? I mean if you are vampire you suppossed to be older or your character is 15 and recently become vampire?

Ok fine I will be 18

You can 15 but if you are vampire you should be few houndreds old. Or you can be 15 years old and turned into vampire few days or weeks ago

Oh it’s Limlight.


It’s okey I’m decided to change into Ink