Who wants a cover?

I want to try making covers so who wants one? Just tell me some details about your story (charachters, background, title, author name, theme etc.)




I’ve done some editing in the past but not recently. So I don’t have any examples, but I’ll definitely do my best :slight_smile:

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I’ll make this simple

Can you have Dark Background that says Chapter 1

Where do you want her to be placed? In the middle? :slight_smile:

Yesssss omg

Give me the details hun!


I’m almost done!

Take your time :slight_smile:

Aaaaand?? What do you think? I still need some good brushes/backgrounds/fonts but I think I did okay ahahah


Your my official go to girl can you make to more that says chapter 2 and 3

is it possible to make the preview into a cover, please? THANKS IN ADVANCE, Teigan x

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I can do it for you

Hahahaha that’s no problem! Same picture?

I could but has Amagic already done it? :slight_smile:

Just checking but before @Leytey makes those too, are you planning on using these as your story covers? or as like intro backgrounds (splashes) at the start of each chapter?
Because if it’s the second option, you’ll find that they will be the wrong size when you upload them to use :slight_smile:

Oh really? What size should it be then?

If they are splashes they use the size 640x1136 :slight_smile:

My bad! Thank you very much for correcting me, otherwise I would’ve made a few more in the wrong size!:slight_smile: