Who wants to be a character in my upcoming story? (Limelight)

I’m doing a new story and if someone would like to have a cameo in my story, if giving you the opportunity. You will talk to my MC about being seen with a popular guy, invite the MC to a party, then later be a background character at that party.
It will only be one chapter.
The story is set in Australia, so if your character is not Australian, you will be a foreign exchange student. Also, obviously your character needs to be a teenager.
I need the codes for your skin, eyes, hair, etc. You will be wearing school uniform when you meet, but can pick your own clothes later. Just list them, so I can look them up later.
As I’m giving you a cameo, I would appreciate if you gave my story a shoutout on social media once it’s published.

It’s against the guidelines to have people’s characters in your story :new_moon_with_face:


Since when? There are several topics here and I’ve never seen anything posted about it

Ok, so chain reaction can break all the guidelines on violence and murder and sex, but this one’s going to be enforced. I get it now

@AJ_PELZER concerning the crossover guidelines:

The rule about crossovers is not a new rule. Crossovers have never been allowed. This wasn’t a rule change so much as a clarification/reminder due to a situation with one author. Unfortunately, we simply lack the ability and resources to track and verify permissions for them at this time. Which would have to be in place before we could okay them for legal reasons. It is the same reason we do not allow fan-fiction even if the author has permission from the original IP owner.

That being said we are not seeking these types of stories out and where they already exist there is no deadline for the authors to fix them.

And to clarify: asking for character details from other users is fine, provided they don’t already exist in another story.


Again, funny how all the rules Chain reaction breaks in convieniently ignored

Girl, you’re aiming your shade at the wrong person. Sydney is just “Moderator of the Episode Forums.”
Pretty sure she doesn’t have a say in that department… :woman_shrugging:t4:


They’re explaining episodes case and I’m explaining their hypocrisy

I get that, but your throwing your hostility at the wrong person.


Annoyance with their inconsistency is understandable but Aaliyah’s right. Sydney isn’t involved with the story making nor the review process. Don’t aim your hostility towards her.


Again, don’t accuse me of something I’m not. I was never “hostile” to her, I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy of episode on what rules they do or don’t enforce

That was directed at episode, not the poster.

That was clearly aimed at episode, not Sydney.

Don’t be so defensive

…alright, then.

But to go back on topic, while crossovers aren’t allowed, people can still have their characters in your story, provided they aren’t in someone else’s. And even then you can still get around the rule by just giving them a different name, or changing their skin tone.

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Lol I’ve seen other rules bring broken with repercussions. I have no fear of this