Who wants to be a Co-Author?


im looking for a partner who will be very active and has lots of good ideas.
if you become my partner, we will need to have a different messaging source
thats all…



What exactly would you want to do with the story and what will each person do? <3 @delinquent


uhmm it depends on what my co-author would want to do.
my co-author will help me with ideas and coding and those things !



Sounds cool! How about we talk more on instagram tomorrow when i wake up? You can contact me on either @gxo_writes or @gxo_editz :3 We can discuss a genre, plot etc! If you want to ofc! :smile:


Sounds like a plan!
i would like you to know that i might still be looking for authors but thats all



ofc that’s fine! I’m looking forward to it. :blush:




let me know if you still need some help. my insta is @shona_episode.


thanks for reaching out!