Who Want's To Be an Main Character In "FORBIDDEN"

Hey everyone I am looking for new character’s to star in Forbidden
To Enter Follow These Directions

  1. Put down your character card
  2. State your traits
  3. Write a short bio of your character’s personality and what she likes
    Example Of What You Should Send :blob_hearts:
  • State your traits
    Very sarcastic, can be funny and sensitive when she wants to be.
  • Write a short bio of your character’s personality and what she likes.
    She is a very music oriented girl, from the country(can be changed). Her favorite style of music is Rock/Metal. She can be a bit of a pessimist. She’s a but rough on the outside, but a real sweetheart once you get to know her. She’s a Libra, and she is a 100% Extrovert.
    There Are 4 Character Spots Available :blob_hearts:

I would give you mine, but I’m the LI, so that probably wouldn’t work :joy::joy::joy:

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Her name is Sara!

Her Details

Skin colcor: Rose 03
Eyebrow: Arched Natural
Eyebrow color: Copper Red
Hair Style: Long Half Up Ponytail Hair
Hair color: Copper Red
Eye Shape: Female Generic
Eye color: Green Emerald
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips Shape: Full Round Pouty
Lips color: Pink Peach Medium Gloss

How she looks


She is Always Moody, Stubborn, funny, confident, and Caring!
She likes to listen to Pop, she is a Taurus and she is 100% Introvert.
She don’t care about what people think about her, and she is Respectful…unless given a reason not to be. She likes to Cook/Bake.
And Sara is Bi Sexuel!

Write me a pm for any more questions
Hope i could help you! <3

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Credits: @giulianna_creates on Instagram

Keep in mind my characters are boyfriend and girlfriend please and thank you.

Giulianna’s Traits: A bit bad around the edges, but will always have everyone’s back. Can be as sweet as candy, but if you make her mad in any way… WATCH OUT!
Bryce’s Traits: Without a doubt a bad boy, but will always have his loved ones back, can be a bit annoying to his girlfriend (AKA ME) sometimes, and when he pushes her buttons… HE BETTER WATCH OUT!

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hi credit tre.episodes on IG

Personality: Outgoing, Respectful…unless given a reason not to be, Fun/Joyful, likes cooking/baking so im a little…messy, and sarcastic

other info

Btw these are gender benders you can use just Treyzere if you’d like