Who wants to be Episode friends?

Heyyy random person on my post! My name is Kaliyah and I’ve been a writer on Episode since 2016. And I have a story on Episode called Dreams Of A Fashion Designer which is currently at 7.8 reads. And I was wondering who wants to be friends? This is such a big community and I want some more Episode friends to help, learn from, and thrive with. If you want to be friends dm me on instagram @kaliyahwrites. I’m not that active on forums. I look forward to talking to you!!! :smile::smile:

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I’ve followed you on Instagram (@winter05.episode). DM me at any time! :wink:

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Mine is teahwalker323 or Art_episode


I just followed you!

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What’s your insta??

I can help you!

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What’s your insta?

thank you it took me a while to work out how to reply lol my insta is MarieJones39