Who wants to be friends?!

Hey guys, I’m “brand new” here and I was hoping to make some new friends <3

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I’d love to be your friend


Then let’s be friends!

Yay are you in the process of making a story

Yes I am, what about you?

Yeah I am actually. Do you need story covers and splashes or something

The splashes I made them myself, also the cover but it’s just a screenshot =))) so I guess why not, if you wouldn’t mind :slight_smile:

I want to be friends too

With me

Let’s be then!

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@Chesirekitten101 with everyone

No prob yay

@Alexis2.0 what’s up?

Well right now in my country it’s 2 a.m. and I’m working at my story and talking with you guys. What about you?

I need some friends too

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Welcome to the club


Count me in people !

Your name is amazing! :joy: :joy:

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Thanks ! It fits my personality the best…