Who wants to be in my group?-insta

Who wants to be in my group epi.monkeys via Instagram?
We need 1 special scene editor
1 cover editor
And 1 story reviewer
Thanks :kissing_heart:

And I forgot. An ootd, qotd


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I will

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Yay as what?:blush:

cover editor

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Great. Do you have insta?

I’d love to join as a reviewer :slight_smile:

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What role’s do you have left?

Cover/pfp/general editor and maybe recommendations?

Pm my group on insta @epi.monkeys

Pm epi.monkeys on insta :blush:

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I can try and make your scenes I’m gonna tell you they ain’t gonna be perfect here is an example


My latest artwork

That’s if your interested

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Can’t see example hun :blush:

Oh sorry i’ll send it again