Who wants to be in my story


Ok, got it.


Sorry only just realised I hit the wrong reply button lol…
(Sorry @Ayu too!) :smiley:


It’s okay! No worries! :slight_smile:


wait im going to choose your name i hope its okay with you


Dawn (Sanders if you need a last name)
If you’d like to credit me feel free to! (@Phoenix_Hope on the forums)




but yea thats fine send me ur story name so i can read it


ok ill name her that




My story has been published! It’s called College Days: Restart

Leslie is in first episode.
Kala is in the first episode.
Faith is in the first episode.
Dawn is in the second episode.
Cheyara is in the second episode.
Ayame is in the third and fourth episode.

Thanks guys!


I’m going tag them so they can see it :grin: and tysm :heart: I’ll read it now


@Ayu @Phoenix_Hope @livvy613 @Cheyara_episode58 @coolgirl44


Awweee thank you




It’s not my story but you’re welcome for the tag :sweat_smile:


Ty for the tag! I’ll be sure to read your story @xxcookiexx


Great! :slight_smile: I’ll read it when I have time ^^


Thank you for the tag :smiley:


No prob


Still have room?