Who wants to be my episode friend?

hey so im looking for episode friends who we can talk to each other give each other advice on storys etc


Hi! I’d like to be your friend!

hiii i’m here too (:

yay i will message you in a bit when im done with something

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hey i will pm u

Hi ! I don’t mind, you can PM me :slight_smile:

i will :relaxed:


i be your friend

I’d love to be your friend!

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Hiyoooooo ,
I’m REALLY sociable so if you want to be friends pm me or I will!

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Can I be your friend?

I love making new friends :heart: I’m Viral. nice to meet you

I’d like to be your friend as well! I’ve also been thread hopping and seeing comments, and you all seem like cool people!

Yea hi pm me🤓

Hiii pm me🤓

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Yay hi pm me

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Hey pm me🤓


meeee, I’m so lonely in this community because everyone has their own clique and have no episode friend :frowning:

Lol I feel you you can pm me

I will pm you