Who wants to be my friend? :)

Hi! I’m looking for a friend…

Will you be my friend? :slight_smile:


Hiyaa, I will b ur friend xx

OH MY GOSH BFF! (hugs)


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Heya girl u ve found me😉

hugs back ahaha

The more the merrier!


We should make a group chat on insta ahah x

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It’s okay :smiley:

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Good idea :wink:

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Looks like @theasybreezy2.0 has forgotten the others :unamused::unamused::disappointed::disappointed:

I’m so sorry it’s just that I’d love to make some friends! I haven’t forgotten you!

Haha jus kidding :wink:

Hey there! How are you? :blush::blue_heart:

Hey silverose! thanks for commenting! and I’m really tired right now yawns probably should go to sleep earlier. But how are you?

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yee you can pm me if you want❤

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Amazing! I’ll do that right now

Really, wow! It’s like 2 pm here… :joy:
But I’m fine and you can PM anytime :upside_down_face:

Wanna be epi-twins?

Of courseeeee :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: