Who wants to be my friend?

I just joined episode forums a few days ago and I’m still pretty new, so i was wondering if anyone wants to be friends…?

Facts about me…
I love art (but am horrible)
Love youtube
My favorite color is yellow
Favorite show now: Legacies

Who wants to be friends :blush::blush:


Would luvvv to be frieend

Thank you, and yayy😊

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Just one question How old are you?

Welcome to fourms. I’l gladly be your friend and help you feel more welcome :smile:

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HI! Welcome to the forums! :blush:
I’d love to be your friend! I also love art and yellow is my favorite color!

Aw yay thanks guys!


I am 16 hahah

Me too.


Welcome to the forums :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! I would love to be your friend, you sound awesome! Insta is @Okie.D0kie.Epis0de if you want to chat :love_letter:. 16 year olds unite :dizzy:!!!

Hey welcome :confetti_ball:
I would love to be your friend :slight_smile:

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I joined forums two days ago so I’m new here too!

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Whats your favourite Story?? @episode.alexcia

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The Shaw Brothers by @violet.author

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Nice… mine is The Doberman.

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Oh that’s good…so would you like to be my friend here

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Love to have u as a Friend…May I know my friend name??:thinking::thinking:

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It’s Alexcia n what’s urs

It’s Anu

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