Who wants to be my writing partner?

Hey guys so I am writing a limelight story -not published yet- and i was thinking it would be so much better with a writing partner so together we can make one bomb ass story I have some of the plot but i was hoping we’d come up with the rest together so yeh! We would have to find a time bc i have skl still so yehh!

hello ! i can help you writing your story but i am a bad coder .

Sure what platforms best for you we can message there and figure it out x

if you have an Instagram account we can talk !

Oh i dont i have snap and whatsapp but i can make one??

if you feel comfortable it’s okay !

Soo which one xxx

i am sorry i am not confortable working with the snap and the whatsapp so you can if you like have an istagram accout !

Kl ill make one

thank you !

Kl the user is @0_Shi_Shi_