Who wants to collaborate to create a story for the Fantasical Contest


As explained in the title^
I am experienced with both basic and advanced directing (can also do good cover art) and I love writing fantasy and I really want to create a story for this contest as it fits my passion. If any other fantasy freaks want to collaborate with me please pm or drop a reply :point_down:t4:
I’m looking for someone who can direct well, who is dedicated and has a good imagination🙂 that will definitely be needed for this story! Also I would like this story to be written in INK because I personally love INK and I don’t know how to direct LL or classic.
If you need to get a taste of my style of writing I have written many stories before you will be able to check it out at this link:


I would love to! I’ve sent in a PM


Me too


I will


I have had an idea for years now and it’d be PERFECT for this contest!


I would love to help when I can


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