Who wants to do R4R?

Hi there! I released my new story today and would love if you could spare the time to read it (in return for me reading yours.)



To jump in quickly, here is the deets:
Chaotic energy, top grades and green hair have never looked so mildly attractive. Reality TV and an epic battle of the bands can’t screw up the agenda that much, can it? Hope not.
To view the covers, check out the “Examples” part in the Art section above,
I’ve been working on the story for probably 6 months. It was made with love, blood, tears, resentment and great music!
Ash, the MC, is a rock fan who writes music on the side, but is viewed as a geek at her school. And no, there’s no ‘I’m creepily obsessed with [inserst_stupid_baddie] and he just happens to notice me and obsess over me’ romance in there, just friendship, teenage drama, and the rise and fall of 6 idiots brought together by fate, who, in daddy Sue Sylvester’s words, ‘Date almost incestuously between themselves’ but not really.

@lanafrazer_episode @LiyahxWrites @amberose You’re kinda famous round here and I’d love to hear your experienced thoughts lol sorry if it’s annoying :joy:

Enjoy <3
PS: I’m willing to negotiate how many episodes we read but 3 is max. xox

Thank you xoxo


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I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise :rofl:

Hey, I’m interested :two_hearts:

Story info

Title: Wish You Were Weird.
Author: Ava.
Style: Limelight.
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
There’s a limited CC for the main characters and full CC for ur character.
Episodes: 3 (ongoing).
Description: Are we all weird in our way? Or we’re just stupid?

Choices Matter

IG: ava_stories_

Link to my story:

PM here or on insta so I can send u screenshots :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there! I’m new and don’t know how to pm, but just wanted to say that as interested as I’d be I’m unable to screenshot, so will quotes be OK?
3ep for 3ep? I’ll tell u when I’m ready? xox

In fact, I can do it rn!

Yes 3ep for 3ep.
You can dm on instagram if that works for u?

Don’t have ig sorry :frowning:

here’s the link

pm and we can start?

Yeah of course I’ll send u the link right now :slight_smile:


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