Who wants to do read 4 read (CLOSED)

You could contact me on instagram taty.episode🥰


You can dm me on @smtellstales

Hello guys, Christopher here. Am open to anyone who wants to do R4R.
Here’s my story and Link
Author Christopher Deegbey
Genre Romance

Let me know if you’re interested in a r4r. :sparkling_heart:

Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sinead.fictionist

Story Description

You exist to eliminate vampires and to avenge your mother. Can you eliminate Athan Raynor, an alluring, heartless blood fiend, or will you fall totally under his thrall?

(cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, mini-games, art scenes)

Eat Stake link

Hey tatyana21,

Thank you for this thread. Please, read my stories ’Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’, ‘For HIS Sake’, ‘Bounded Minds’ LL and INK and/or ‘The Runaway Groom’ LL and INK.

Number 1:


Cover Cat Paws And Wolf Claws:

Title: ‘Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’
Author: AngelWings
Instagram: @angelwings_1983
Genre: Fantasy
Style: LL
Episodes: 5 (More are following!!)

Link Cat Paws, Wolf Claws:

Description: You, a 49 year old female werecat, find an 9 year old orphan at your doorstep. What secrets will unfold, when you decide to take care of him??? No CC, Fantasy, Romance, choices… Female MC Male LI

Number 2:

Links Bounded Minds:

Covers Bounded Minds:

Description: You are a 17 years old girl with a lot of dreams about a male-version of you… During the research of who this boy can be, you find out some secrets… Choices from ep 7, LGBTQ+, ltd CC

Number 3:

:point_right: :point_right: 8 episodes, more are following:

Links The Runaway Groom:

Cover The Runaway Groom:

Description: You, a bi-male, runs away the 15th time at the aisle. What are you going to do if number 16 is the first one that ran away from you?? Male MC, Male LI, comedy, little bit of mafia and LGBTQ+

Number 4:

:point_right: :point_right: And now my pride, my baby:

Title: ‘For HIS Sake’
Author: AngelWings
Instagram: @angelwings_1983
Genre: LGBTQ+
Style: LL
Episodes: 21 (More are following!!)

Description: After a tragedy you decide to turn your life upside down. You quit your job and has one friend left. That changes when you meet him… Your LI… :wink: 18+ Male MC, Male LI CC, LGBTQ+


Small cover FHS

For a final special halloween revamp (So, better not read it. :wink: ) :

Happy reading!!

Love A-W

Hey! Thanks for this thread! I am interested in a r4r :blob_hearts:

  • Title: My Protector
  • Genre: Action (Also includes romance, drama, and mystery)
  • Style: LL
  • Description: After discovering your family’s secret, you fled to NYC. Until you met him, who’s willing to protect you. Will you uncover the truth of your family’s secret and fall in love?
  • Chapters: 5 (More Coming Soon)
  • Instagram: @storiesbybless
  • Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5677298753404928

Some Important Features Included:

  • Art Scene (s)
  • Full CC
  • Different POV’s
  • Advanced Directing
  • Sounds/ Music


Hi! I’m down for a R4R. Let me know which story you’d be interested in :grin:

Story 1

Title: See the Light
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Chapters: 11 (Complete)
Description: You awaken in an alternate universe that mirrors your hometown; except it’s completely vacant. However, a family of seven help you unravel the truth in more ways than one. [CC]
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6251601538514944

Story 2

Title: Without a Trace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapters: 5 (Ongoing)
Description: After her sister vanishes, Talulah sets out on an investigative search with the help of arcane criminology major, Avon. Will their perseverance and wit be enough to find her?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6707281652809728

Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes
Thank you :purple_heart:

I am up for r4r

Here’s our collab project with @t3ssa_nov4 if you’re interested in a R4R ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:star: Title: SWY: Closer Than Two Magnets

:star: Description: When an unexpected mistake makes you ‘get tied’ with your lifelong crush, who’s none other than your best friend’s bae, what could go wrong?
#YoungAdult #Superhero

:star: Genre: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

:star: Features included:

  • Female MC, Male LI [Male MC, female LI and choosing MC gender and LI gender will be available after the contest is over]
  • Limited CC for MC (hairstyle & hair color cannot be changed only) , Full CC for LI
  • Music & Sounds are exigent in this story
  • Advanced Directing
  • Points System
  • Story Interactivity (Choices Matter, Choose Carefully! )

:star: Story Link: Read “Closer Than Two Magnets”

:star: Authors: Adiba & Nova

My ig is: @adilistic.stories :blush:

Hey :relaxed: so I just uploaded my story not to long ago and I’m scared it’s going to be a flop so i was wondering if any of you wonderful people could help by telling me tips, and suggesting some account that give you more publicity. We could R4R if you like too, anyways if anyone would like to read it here it is:

Description: Having a dark past is hard, trying new relationships and letting yourself out there. How will Imani face all the backlash of being an addict’s daughter?

Chapters: 3 (More coming soon)

Instagram: taty.episode

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5480733099884544


I can’t do an R4R because I don’t have any stories published yet but i’ll be sure to check yours out! :smiley: :two_hearts:

aww thank you :two_hearts:

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I’d definitely be reading and btw the cover is absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes:

thank you beautiful :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The story sounds interesting, I’ll be sure to read it sometime! And damnn who’s your artist, the art is BEAUTIFUL :heart_eyes:

Episode groups that offer shout-outs should help your popularity grow.
I don’t do that myself, unfortunately so I won’t be able to give you a suggestion or two :joy:
Also, read-for-reads are boosters you could use too. You could dedicate a thread for R4R to attract more readers to recognize your story.
I don’t mind doing R4R with you, by the way.

Hi, I can do a read4read. Awesome story cover :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Tho I haven’t published mine yet… I would love to read yours. BTW the cover is awesome​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congrats on publishing!

R4Rs aren’t great at giving your story publicity because people just read your story without enjoying it. However, that’s not always the case and some people continue it and promote it too. But don’t rely on R4Rs for publicity. If you just want reads, then go for it.

I would suggest and I’ve been suggesting this all the time is to interact with the community. Make genuine connections with people so that they can support and build your fan base with their platform. That’s obviously a lot more work but the more people who know you, the more publicity you will get. The forums are better than Instagram, in my opinion.

You can also have your story reviewed by epi group accounts or even get promoted by them as well, if they ask for story recommendations.

So, in conclusion, if you want easy reads, R4Rs are the way to go. If you want secure reads from people who actually enjoy your story, then interact with the community. Self-promotion is not bad but having others promote your stories is what makes you recognizable to the community.

I hope this helped and I wish you luck on your story! :purple_heart:

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wow thank you so much for the help :heart:

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