Who wants to help me with write a story?



I would love to write a story with someone and if it works out I might start a writer’s duo, I’m a Dutchman so maybe it’s also useful if a Dutchman or a Belgian responds for the cooperation (of course you can also speak English)

please let me know :wink::wink:

xxx Esther


You already have small group, don’t ya?


yes, now I’ve got a writings group, but first a haven’t got one


Awe sorry to hear that :confused: and sorry didn’t mean to offend you :open_mouth: and yeaaah I was bit rude :woman_facepalming: what’s your plan(ideas) to write your (first?) story? I’m just curious. c: My almost finished story is comedy and romance with three or four love interest as famous (ink) c: Wish you luck to find your partner!!! If you did find one, congratulations then!!


The first story of my own is a story about things that are happened in my live and the genre is gonna be romantic and komedie to. And if you need a partner with a story: here I’m! I’ll love to write a story with you, if you want it to!