Who Wants To Join A Writing Group

I really want to start a writing group to make new friends and to bring people together.
If you want to collab on a story or just learn something that you don’t know about and want to know about being an episode writer apply.

*Here are the jobs available:
-Writer (Writes the dialogue & story with me)
-Director (Direct help with coding)
-Coder (Codes)
-Artist (Draws & Photoshop the covers, edits and art scenes.)
-Social Media Manager (Creates and manages our social media accounts)
-Beta Reader (Reviews and tests stories)


I submitted one! :slight_smile:

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Submitted one :purple_heart:

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I applied :grin:

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I will be DMing the members later on today when I get home and we’ll figure everything out.

For people that come later on:

  • you can still sign up to join, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sorry that I replied late.

I applied :blush: