Who wants to make a special entrance in my story? (ink, not LL)


i only needed like 3 oops




Okay, one moment then I need to get this character’s info


He isn’t really based off of me in any way, I just wanted to provide a character if you needed one. If you don’t acrually wanna use him, that’s okay. ^^

Name: Zach Everett
Gender: Male
Hair: Long Dreadlocks (Black)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
Eyes: Classic Round (Blue)
Nose: Round
Mouth: Classic (Dusty Rose)
Body Colour: Dark
Outfit suggestion (You can use whatever really): Blue Open Plaid Shirt, Muscle White Tank, Black Tight Pants, Large Stitch Jeans (Black)




No problem! Good luck with your story.


thanks :))


Here’s my self insert, he’s a dude btw cause (almost) literally everyone on here is a girl???
Name: Dupe
Hair: Cade
Skin color: taupe
Face: diamond
Eyebrows: thin
Eyes: don’t really care, just as long as it’s not almond or mature. Hickory.
Nose: button
Mouth: classic, taupe
Outfit: any graphic tee + cargo shorts + any sneakers


tyyyy sooo muuUUUUch


please tell me if you’re going to use her or not


What are you going to use all these characters for? Curious lmao


my more main character’s friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, teachers,
classmates, extra, etc. lmao


Do you still need more characters? :joy:

Here’s mine in case you’re still in need of one:

  • Female
  • Aurora (but it doesn’t seem relevant so do with it what you wish as long as it’s not ridiculous :grin:)
  • Eyes: Upturned Bold, Black
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Diva Curls, Chestnut
  • Nose: Aquiline
  • Mouth: Blossom Lips, Terracotta
  • Eyebrows: Defined Natural
  • Face (if you need): Round

You didn’t ask to specify the outfit so again, do with that what you wish. Just don’t let this character walk around naked or in a clown outfit :grin: Good luck with your story!




whyyyYYYY does everyone always look the same wth


Are you still looking for characters? :slight_smile:


Probably because a lot of people look similar when making themselves in episode lmao