Who Wants To Solve These Mystery Riddles?

Hey, it’s Dasha here! I decided to do a fun topic today. It’s actually a game!
It’s quite simple. I will give you five riddles, whoever gets at least two of them write gets a shoutout! I’m sure most of you will get at least two of them.
Okay, let’s begin!
Riddle #1: You are locked in a room. In front of you are three doors. The first one has a 4,500 degree flame. The second one has liquid nitrogen that’ll easily freeze you. The third door has a lion that hasn’t eaten in 15 years! Which door should you go through?
Riddle #2: There were 10 fish in a tank. 8 died. How many are in the tank now?
Riddle #3: Oh no! There was murder! John was killed by one of the three suspects at 5:00 p.m. The police started to question the suspects. Suspect 1: I was out of town on that day. Suspect 2: I was cooking breakfast as I heard the scream. I came to the scream, and saw John dead! Suspect 3: I couldn’t hear anything. The police arrested one of the suspects. Who was it?
Riddle #4: Two girls ordered iced tea. Unfortunately, all the drinks were poisoned. One girl drank 5 glasses in the time that the other girl only drank one. The girl who drank only one died. How did this happen?
Riddle #5: Beulah died in the Appalachian Mountains while Craig died at sea. People were happier with Craig’s death. Why is that?
Good luck with those riddles! I will do all the shoutouts in a separate topic.

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Riddle 1 - You would go through the third door because the Lion would probably be dead because he hasn’t eaten in 15 years.
Riddle 2 - 10 fish would still be in the tank but 8 are dead in there
Riddle 3 - Suspect 2 was arrested because she said she came to the scream and saw John dead. If he was dead, she couldn’t have followed his screams.
Riddle 4 - The girl that drank five - had one Iced tea and 4 glasses of water to wash it down.
Riddle 5- People were happier because they would never be able to find his body.

I hope I got some of these correct!
I loved the idea of this game, Dasha xxx

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  1. Door number three.
  2. 10 fish
  3. Suspect number two
  4. The ice was poisoned
  5. They didn’t want to pay for a coffin?

Hi! while this format is cool, why not share your riddles on the preexisting riddle game thread? Thanks! :v:t2:

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