Who Wants To Solve These Mystery Riddles?


Hey, it’s Dasha here! I decided to do a fun topic today. It’s actually a game!
It’s quite simple. I will give you five riddles, whoever gets at least two of them write gets a shoutout! I’m sure most of you will get at least two of them.
Okay, let’s begin!
Riddle #1: You are locked in a room. In front of you are three doors. The first one has a 4,500 degree flame. The second one has liquid nitrogen that’ll easily freeze you. The third door has a lion that hasn’t eaten in 15 years! Which door should you go through?
Riddle #2: There were 10 fish in a tank. 8 died. How many are in the tank now?
Riddle #3: Oh no! There was murder! John was killed by one of the three suspects at 5:00 p.m. The police started to question the suspects. Suspect 1: I was out of town on that day. Suspect 2: I was cooking breakfast as I heard the scream. I came to the scream, and saw John dead! Suspect 3: I couldn’t hear anything. The police arrested one of the suspects. Who was it?
Riddle #4: Two girls ordered iced tea. Unfortunately, all the drinks were poisoned. One girl drank 5 glasses in the time that the other girl only drank one. The girl who drank only one died. How did this happen?
Riddle #5: Beulah died in the Appalachian Mountains while Craig died at sea. People were happier with Craig’s death. Why is that?
Good luck with those riddles! I will do all the shoutouts in a separate topic.

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Riddle 1 - You would go through the third door because the Lion would probably be dead because he hasn’t eaten in 15 years.
Riddle 2 - 10 fish would still be in the tank but 8 are dead in there
Riddle 3 - Suspect 2 was arrested because she said she came to the scream and saw John dead. If he was dead, she couldn’t have followed his screams.
Riddle 4 - The girl that drank five - had one Iced tea and 4 glasses of water to wash it down.
Riddle 5- People were happier because they would never be able to find his body.

I hope I got some of these correct!
I loved the idea of this game, Dasha xxx

  1. Door number three.
  2. 10 fish
  3. Suspect number two
  4. The ice was poisoned
  5. They didn’t want to pay for a coffin?


Hi! while this format is cool, why not share your riddles on the preexisting riddle game thread? Thanks! :v:t2:

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