Who wants to start a story?

Hi! So I know the basics of writing a story and a little more. And I was wondering what it would be like if I had someone else to work with. My thoughts of it are: stronger plot/storyline, more views, and more.

So if anyone wants to start a story reply!


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I would like a partner! I have this great story I wrote and I would love to put it in an episode. Would you want to collaborate?

Yes! For sure!

Would messaging me on insta work for collaboration?

I think so. I don’t see why it wouldn’t

What’s your insta?

Actually, I don’t think it would. My insta isn’t working rn. Do you have Discord?

Leahx_episodess I just made the account

if you need any art go here


Hey! Thanks! What’s your four digit number?

I never tgought about having a partner but I have some story ideas. So if your interested I’m interested.

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I’m down. Do you have discord?

What’s a discord?

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It’s like an online chat room where we can brain storm ideas and talk

I don’t think I have one of those, where can I find one?

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You just go to discordapp.com and create an account. Then you can tell me your username and four digit number and I’ll add you and we can get to work!


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Okay mh username is the same as my username for EpisodeForums. And my digit # is 5597


I sent you a friend request