Who wants to start an art shop with me

Hey guys I’m attempting this again so I need a co-owner or two to help me create an art shop if anyone wants to join tell me below and if you have an Instagram or prefer to use here as a way of contact


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hey! i would like to join

Oh hi I’m basically looking for someone to be a co owner and help me create an art shop …

yeah. i would.like to help

Me maybe I can

Do you both has instagram?

Yes I do. @kylie_episodexx

me! I use to be more involved in the community like 6 years ago the i popped out 3 children :joy: I’m just getting involved in the community again
I made a new insta @chantelle.epyedit

I added you both to a group

@Sydney_H please close this

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: