Who win the shelf can do review for me?

hi guys, anyone being the shelf? can you do review for my unpublished story?
if yes, lemme know on PM
Thank you

Just to clarify, “Being the shelf”? Do you mean people who have been on a shelf?


Yes, been
That’s what i means hehe

Okay, I would say to maybe open up for a review etc from anyone not just people who have been on a shelf as many stories miss the opportunity to be on a shelf, yet have good content and writers with valuable insight.

Personally, I have been on two shelves. One was featured once before and my current story Beauchamp Academy is on the current Rebels shelf. I also offer a detailed and in-depth proofreading/constructive feedback service which I have done many times for people. However, given the time it takes me to do this, I charge a small fee. You can see more info, and messages from people I have helped on my proofreading thread if interested.


can you dm me about this sis?

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