Who works with paint shop pro


I use it to editing pictures, i found this one, don’t know from who but i like the shadow round her in white.
Does someone knows ho to do that.

thanks xxx


You can do it easily in any programs, just go ahead and make a new layer under the character, trace the character and use gaussian blur to have a shadowing effect!


Is there a way to do it online


Yes I think :thinking: I thing you can do it with PIXLR EDITOR or PHOTOPEA
Just paste an image of your character in PNG then make a new layer under the png character and as said, trace the character in any color you desire and use gaussian blur!


Witch what settings


Ooh thanks


Um I think on the internet


No problem :+1: If you need any more help, feel free to pm me


Ok thanks @Skyee
I almost forgot do you know a website or link where we can take free backgrounds


And what do you mean with you trace the character


Pixabay.com has alot of free backgrounds for commercial use!


Thank you so much


I mean like outline the character but dont make the lines perfect, make sure to do the lines outside the character, I hope you get what im saying


with the lasso and where the lasso comes there comes the blur am i right.


I havent really worked with paint shop pro before, but I think its in the “effects” , “blur” then “gaussian blur” not pretty sure tho!