Who would like to be in my story?(Ink) OPEN

I currently writing a story and will be needing characters.
Down below write
*Male or Female
*How they look
*(optional) a role(for example, cheerleaders,police officer, etc.)

Main Characters
Police Officers- @Teahwalker and @xoShaydayz
Cheerleaders- @Ayu, @dqrkskin
Teacher- @CrazygirldY_dY_dY
Nurse- @Zoekezoef
Dad- Taken
Brother- Taken
Mean Girls- @Ainsley_007, @epi.elle, @julesscreven
Jocks(girls and boys)- @MadisonW, @Cameronei
Rebel- @NikkaUeda @Jayl
Celebrities: @ArianaHeart
Jokester/best friend- @sofia2
If you want to be a character and don’t want to be any of the roles above but have one in mind please feel free to suggest it.

**First Come, First Serve! **
I also will credit you in my story. I will tag you for the role apply.

Thank you,
Leslie Giselle❤

If you still like a role please tell me and I’ll fit you in still may need some more characters in the story.I’ll tag the next people down here and give you a role when I get one figured out.
Everyone who wants to be in can be in the story if i forget to tag you please tell me so i can tell who wants part in the story.




Face shape Oval
Nose Soft Natural
Hair Straight (chestnut brown)
Eyes Upturned Feline (Auburn)
Mouth Full Round (Teraccota)
Skin colour Tan
Eyebrows Defined Natural

Funny, Sarcastic, Confident

Cheerleader (or you can choose something)


Oh and btw just please tell me the name of your story.

Thank @sofia2 and I am still debating on names.

Oh okay, just tell me when you make your story. (you can PM me)
Good Luck!

Police Officer Lol

Name: Teah
Clothes: Does not matter
Hair: Long Feathered (Fawn)
Face: Oval
Eyebrows: Seductive Round
Eyes: Upturned Bold (Brown)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Classic (Blush)
Skin Color: Olive

Okay will do

Thanks I’ll definitely let you an officer

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Moved to Art Resources since it sounds like you’re looking for character designs for an Episodes story. :wink:

Okay thanks

Name: Daze
Face shape: Soft Heart
Hair: Fishtail braid (black)
Eyes: Round classic (Toffee)
Mouth: Full round (Terracotta)
Skin color: Light
Eyebrows: Mature Round
Personality: sarcastic, Jokester, and Mature at the same time.

I’d LOVE to be a Police officer! :))

Okay Thank you @xoShaydayz

Name Of Character: Ayame
Hair: Long Curly Hair (Light Blue)
Face: Diamond
Eyebrows: Seductive Round
Eyes: Upturned Bold (White)
Nose: Upturned
Mouth: Classic (Plum)
Body: Ink female (Fair)
Personality: quiet type, a bit loner, and short temper (
(She wears Rectangular Thin Glasses)

Classmate, cheerleader or if you can choose for me

Let me know when you publish your story :slight_smile:

Name: Bella
Eyes: Round Bold (brown)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Body: Olive
Hair: Long Curly (Chestnut)
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: classic (orange crush)
Face: oval
Personality: sarcastic, pretty nice
Role: haha Teacher please! If it’s taken can I be a classmate?
Outfit: idc I wear the Hipster Glasses(black)

You can be the teacher. Thank you

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I’ll let you know. Thank you

I need some male characters too

And I have more clothes lol I am straight to the point, don’t let me do, Guys, They have to do a great effort to catch me I am intelligent, caring that’s why I am a nurse. I am an only child and I love bad guys with a bun I prefer black lol. But they have to be nice because i am a nice person too.


Wow okay Thanks you look amazing🔥

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thanks, if you want more clothes… I am here he, in fact, I am bored with the server buying off I can create you some if you want to let me know, the age, style, and character and I start.


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