Who would like to do an R4R?

Would anyone like to do a R4R? The story I’d like to advertise is my FT Contest entry entitled If the Shoe Fits. It’s a Cinderella based story about a Princess sent to foster with distant relatives when her father is killed.


Question: Are you only looking for other FT stories to read? Or will you read stories that are not in the FT contest? just asking

Any, I don’t mind, I just want people to read my FT entry is all.

Oh ok then here’s my romance story, I am also trying to get my story out there

Hello!! Thanks for making this thread I would love to do a R4R with someone my story is posted below to whoever would like to do one and yes I am currently working on episode 8 so if you happen to finish up to 7 episodes and if I finish up coding episode 8 I will send you the brand new link so you can read episode 8!!

Story title Heartbreaker To Lovers(LGBTQ)
Author Lucy on episode(aaron_ailee_episode)
Genre Romance
Trigger warning This story contains at times scenes where there is child abuse and self harm so I have added skip options for those scenes.

Story description Lucy is the nerd of the school and when she finds love she only gets heartbroken will she find the love of her life? Or will she be alone forever read to find out
Episodes 7 episodes but episode 8 is on it’s way with more episodes to come
Style Limelight
Link http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4712186153467904

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Hi Sarah, would you like to R4R? I also have a FT contest entry. :blush:

Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Style: Limelight
Link to story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4740710001737728

Description: Talking animals, ghostly ships, and murderous love triangles. Read all this and more in the Old French fairytales of Marie de France! (CC, Diversity, multiple endings)

Hey babes , I would love to do a r4r with you if your interested ! :heart:

Mines is also a ft entry :)) .

FT: Tell Me A Story .

Ho i would like to do r4r

Hi y’all I’d love for people to read my story

Hi! I’ve just added your story to my favourites and would really appreciate it if you could give me some honest feedback on mine.

Story: Adore You
Description : Tori knew what she wanted. But one kiss with a stranger ruins everything. What will happen when secrets, lies and lust mix? What happens when he becomes her drug? And she his addiction?

Adore You Episode Story

Hey everyone! Thanks for the thread.I am a new author. :blush:
I’d be really happy if you’d take a look at my story…

Also I’d like to do r4r. Do let me know if you’re up for it! .

Title : Don’t Go,I need your love
Author :nurella
Style :LL
Genre :Drama,Young-Adult Romance,Comedy
IG :nurunkitapdunyasi
Description :Defne begins a dangerous game by agreeing with her enemy to win over her ex-boyfriend Alex.İs it really going to be Alex that she wants to win at the end of this love-lust game?
Story Link : episodeinteractive.com/s/5249677170245632

Hi congrats on publishing your story

here are my both stories

I’ll do r4r with anyone

Link to my story http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6183524831526912

Credit by episode_katherinee for the Story Banner

My new cover credit by Jade135

Story name: She Lost Her Faith
Why should the reader read my story: I want to start a story for a long time if they will like to my read my story it had some good vampire and also human I want to make a story that will be different that could be a vampire and human working together has a great people
How many chapters: 14 more to come
How many love interest: 2 LL
CC or Limit CC: Limit CC
Instagram daisyrodriguezepisode

Here is my second stories but it sequel story of Devon
Cover credit by arora.episode and crisora.art follow them both on Instagram
Cover: Falling_For_Esteban_Garcia_Cover

Story: Falling For Esteban Garcia
Why should the reader read my story: It a sequel story of Dulce adopted sister Devon there will be some vampire also

It will have full CC for Devon family and Esteban family
It will have Limit CC For Dulce family and Dulce boyfriend

Sound & Music: Yes both
How many chapters: 2 but more to come
How many love interest: 1 LL only