Who would like to make a story together?


Helllo my name is kamorie and I am looking for a partner to Write a story with me so if you want to pm me or dm me if so…
Also the genre is romance and it’s ink


Hi Kamorie, I ll be interested to help you.
Also i need a writing partner too.

Email me to anna.katherina.weber@gmail.com

You are wlc


Hi Kamorie
It looks like @Ann_Key_82 beat me to it I would also be interested in helping you guys, if we can make this a small group. I have plenty of story ideas I would love to share. My Gmail 12lailapfair@gmail.com.


We should probably make a google doc to plan our story Ideas because it will be easier for the coder to copy and paste.


Yeah, good Idea. Google or MS word doc as well?


To apply the times, I from Germany, my time zone is CET.

What about you?


I from America :joy:


And we can have a small writing group


Hey, I was thinking about a partner and I’m from holland but I can talk English to, (not so good but I can):joy::joy:


Ahhh, sure a small group ll help to ve share of thoughts nd make us more creative too.




I would really like that




Yea this is going to be great I’m from America too it is currently 2:09


do I have to give my email?


I live in America to lol


it’s here 20:09


If you want


My mail is: estherdekker05@gmail.com


Are you going to make the google doc. Once you do invite me to the doc?