Who would like to make a story together?

O its 12lailapfair@gmail.com

Check ur email inbox

1st estherdekker
2nd 12lailapfair

Yeah, I note nd correct ur little mistake Kray_Lai

I’m back

Ok we made a google doc
We shared it with everyone from there we can start to come up with story Ideas.

Where is it lol

wait let me check you email send it again

It should be in the shared with me tab

@maddy_roleplayz hey can you send your gmail? So I can add you to the doc.

Thx esther, I ve note it and open too.

Which story we ll write?

Mine or yours?

I m open for all!



@Kray_Lai Meant kamorielee1027@gmail.com

Check now. You should be invited.

I am

join we are chatting on their


I love to help as well. I am great with coming up with ideas and making character designs. Just when it comes to coding I am no good.

Thats great

Anyway anything you need me to do.