Whoa! Mysterious Reads!


Somehow, I have 3 reads! I did say that I was editing… But I’m happy! Sooo, who read it? I wanna know, and give them a virtual hug! Thank you, anonymous!


We can never really know, also don’t stress too much about it, and try to find out-instead, a simple message in your story that says “thanks for reading” tells the reader you appreciate the fact that they took time to read your story. As writers, we love all our readers : )


OK, thanks a lot!


I read it an you need help with directing it


And let the people customize the main character also it kinda cofusing


Well, I planned on doing that, but never knew how to. In my next story (Limelight) I probably will. I am also experimenting with Advanced Directing in my story, like overlays, zooms, that kinda stuff.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: