WhoDunIt [Forgotten}


This whole thing will be canceled as someone has accused me of something I have not done and I now see no point in continuing on with this.



Filled out the form, thanks for the invite, babe.


Sorry but that chick looks like she’d kill you for money :laughing:

Anywho Your welcome, and thanks to you too.


Oh, dearest, that chick is what my insides look like. :smile:


My insides look like this.

Ya know normal. But to each their own.




Week two is open for businiess, please sign up now if you wish to join :wink:

Form Sign Up


I was dead the whole game but still got to play around a bit behind the scenes, 10 out of 10, will play again.


Signed up!


Maybe if you did it again you wouldn’t die. Unless people on the forums really don’t like you.


Or you make me the, or one of the, killer/killers.


Psh, Who does two killers that’s overKILL.

That wasn’t funny at all.


I am doing this again :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I love this 10/10


@StripieHead @Purple_Ghost @PurpleRose @jdepisode @Cam

Would any of you be interested in this?


Yeeet yes I twould


Silly question maybe, but how exactly does this work (the game)?

And real or made-up full name?


Made up, Unless you want to use your real name.

So I’d wait until I had enough people for a game, then create a private message between me and all of the people. I’d also have a separate message between me and the killer. Either at the beginning of the game or a little after the beginning, the killer would choose someone to kill. After the killer had killed someone police would start investigating. I would also start a game chat between me and the dead person, giving them a choice to, make a will, give a hint, or do nothing. The dead person would also get to play around a bit behind the scenes (If you want further information about that ask @LiaMina she was dead like the whole time). There would be two prostitutions and accusation times. The dead person would get to choose one person after the first accusation time to recive a hint about who the killer is.




I was the prostitute that helped crack the case :dancer:t3:


Only because I’m bad at clues.