Who's excited to read my story?

I’m not sure that either title needs an apostrophe.

Shouldn’t it be “The Haters?”

Hi, I’ve published my story a week ago and I’ve only got 9 readers.
I need more people to read my story, please.

Post the link.

Hi everyone, have you guys read my new story called “the Haters”?
Are you guys enjoying it did you guys like it?

  • Yes, its good so far
  • Yes, but it needs more work
  • No, I haven’t read it

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Hi everyone I just published my story, please read it and tell me if you like it.
the story is about a girl that gets bullied but then her life will become better.

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Shouldn’t it BE The HATERS


Yup what she said.


Thank you I’ll fix that

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Would you want to do a r4r?

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Yes why not
Whats your story called

I have added yours to my list will send screenshot when i am done :blush:

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Ok thank you I’ll read yours aswell :blush:

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Moved to Share Feedback since this doesn’t appear to be for R4Rs. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:

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Thank You so much for reading my story

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Did you like it? Was it good?

Do you want me to give you a review? Or just read it. I read the first chapter but have to charge my phone. So I can read the other 2 chapters.