Who's LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈


absolute legend


I’m not cute. I’m adorable. :sunglasses:


That’s smart!




I’m Demi-pansexual!
Nobody in my real life knows… only people here on forums!


Im straight :smile:


No one in real life knows that I am ace and searching for my romantic orientation.


ace + bisexual and proud :raised_hands:


Bisexual :heart:


i put like 50 female names into that love calculator website with my name and the highest percent compatible i got was 13% i’m actually gonna die alone


My cousin did something similar to that and then the next day he bumped into a a lady and a year later they got married🤷🏻‍♀️ Who knows


thats cool

my grandparents actually met in their childhood bc of a mutual friend but didnt start dating until they were teens i think if my grandpa were alive it would be 67 years next april


I’m not but I support all of y’all


Hey guys,
This is just a normal chat for the LGBT+ people. I’m still questioning my sexuality but I don’t know for sure. What about you guys? I think I’m bi. I haven’t found my true relationship yet.


I don’t know what I am. Questioning? I guess that’s the only way.


Oh ok.


@mysterypuppy03 you will find out when the right person come into ur life and just be there for you


I am lesbian u.u


Thx for the advice! :rainbow_flag: :kissing_heart:


Hmm well I’m bi?? But I kinda am starting to think I’m lesbian???