Who's LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈


just popping in to wish my fellow beautiful bi people a very happy Bisexual Visibility Day!

I hope y’all have an excellent Bisexual Awareness Week ahead. should you choose to come out today or this week, I wish y’all the best of luck. keep being your amazing and perfectly valid selves <3


I already came choose to come out before this week


Well, that I can help with. As a transwoman, whenever I used to see myself in the mirror, something was obviously wrong. I hated looking masculine. I wanted to be feminine. If you feel similarly, you’re probably questioning gender.


SHOUTOUT TO MY GAYS/LESBIANS!:heart_eyes::rainbow_flag:


Demiromantic, (possibly ace not exactly sure) Pansexual
Gender is questioning for now :blush:


Honestly, I feel very indifferent when looking in the mirror. I wouldn’t care if I looked like a man or a woman, although I hate feminine clothing…


Well, then you might be agender. Again, I am no expert on that. But good luck!


Thank you!




Ooo I was wondering if there was a thread like this and turns out there is! I’m bi btw :rainbow_flag:






I’m bisexual! love this thread. Seeing so much love and positivity towards the LGBTQ+ community really warms my heart.


Happy coming out day! :rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag:


popping back on to say happy Coming Out Day to all of you! should you choose to come out, stay safe, and know that you are valid, no matter what <3