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I’m bisexual! love this thread. Seeing so much love and positivity towards the LGBTQ+ community really warms my heart.


Happy coming out day! :rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag:


popping back on to say happy Coming Out Day to all of you! should you choose to come out, stay safe, and know that you are valid, no matter what <3


i think im bi

but idk i had this minor crush on this girl but it was like so ughhh (not in a bad way)


Discussion for all you Bi/Pan/Omni people: Is having a crush on someone of the same sex different than having one on the opposite sex? (Like, how it makes you feel). Also, was your first crush same or opposite sex?
(If you are non-binary, just replace opposite and same with men and women)

  1. Yea it is kinda different, but it depends on the person. I have more friends that are girls so its easier and I’m more comfortable talking to them because well one they’re the same gender as me and I’ve always had girl-friends. For guys its a bit harder only because I don’t have a lot of guy friends, so its harder for me to get comfortable.
  2. My was crush was on the opposite sex (a dude).

I’m still kinda questioning my sexuality and the answer for #1 isn’t the same for everyone on personal opinions.


Hi everyone, especially trans people.

I just wanted to say, in light of the recently released memo (I’m writing from the U.S.) that y’all are valid as heck. Please stay strong and keep on fighting. The Trump administration isn’t permanent. We, as a community, fought for our rights before and we will do it again.


Ah I stg I will murder Trump. My friend IRL is trans and when she saw the memo, she no joke started crying.

The strong thing about this country is that the people together are stronger than the government itself.

Not to sound harsh but this is what Hitler first did to the Jews. It’s 2018 and we need to stand up and fight. This is not ok and Trump, I stg, will be out of office in November. Just please stay strong and wait less than a month.


Ugh I’m just so disgusted by the whole situation

  1. For me, yes. Although I don’t get crushes very often, they do feel slightly different when they’re for individuals of different genders.

  2. My first crush was on a girl… (I identified as a straight cis male at that time)


it depends on the person i guess. my first crush was a boy and i just loved being around them at the time and talking to them. when i had a crush on a girl there wasnt much difference? i think


I’ve honestly never been more simultaneously relieved to be studying in Canada right now and also terrified for my friends from home, most of whom are also trans.

Unfortunately, a president doesn’t get voted out directly at midterm elections. We’ll still have to wait two more years unless he gets impeached. If that happens, we’ll still be in danger, since his VP is known almost exclusively for being an anti-LGBTQ+ bigot. However, the Republican majority in Congress will be out in November if we (or those of us who can vote) do this right. Trump will still be in office, but his administration’s bigoted agendas will be easier to block.


The fact that Trump is trying to get ‘rid of’ Trans people makes me very angry and terrified. I feel like over the years we have finally made some progress but now this disgusting, despicable dsfhjhjasdfhdas bigot wants to undo all the hard work. This goes against the very nature of human rights! It is a horrible horrible thing. It makes me sick to my guts. Transgender people deserve every right to identify as who they want to and should be able to medically change themselves in order to feel like who they are meant to be. I am not American so I am asking everyone who is and is eligible to vote to kick out this disgusting man! Sorry about my little rant but I needed to get it out there because I have been so frustrated recently.


Oof I stg he’s gotta be impeached



I’m well for starter an aromantic cis woman and I’ve been aro since forever in my entire life (even tho I didn’t know the term when I was younger). I’m basically the definition x). I’m touch repulsed but I’m not romance repulsed tho. I’d rather die than date someone romantically yeah but I don’t mind if other people date each other. I know that can make them happy it’s just not for me.

I’m also something weird sexual. Basically I identify as andro-cupiosexual. Which means that I don’t feel or experience sexual attraction but I’d like/wouldn’t mind having sexual relationships and interactions with people. And andro because I have a slight attraction to male bodies, really minimal but I feel like I’d rather have sex with a cis man rather than a cis woman even if everything is still extremely minimal and neutral.

(I say andro and not hetero because I’m really talking about bodies here, I am not attracted to someone’s body because they’re soooo hot or something it’s like men’s bodies are aesthetically pleasing to me all of them don’t care about the person don’t care if it’s fat or skinny or anything it’s a general thing)

Also much love and support for trans people in the US :heart: You are valid and know that even if people like Trump doesn’t think that way you still exist and they can never stop that. Trans right and lgbtq+ rights in general will always win because we will never stop existing and never stop fighting for it. They’ll have to end up accepting us because there’s no other way. We exist it’s just a fact they can’t pretend the opposite forever it just won’t work.


roses are red
the ocean is teal
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Gosh Trump can go die


Can agree with that


Yes. Yes you can