Who's looking for a writing buddy?

Hey guys! So I’m new to the forums and I just recently started a story and well, I’m having trouble finding the motivation to continue… So, I decided to look for a writing partner! Yay :partying_face:
If you’re interested in sharing ideas and experiences, proofreading each other’s stories and making a new, young and creative friend feel free to send me a personal message or reply.


I have too many ideas and totally can write it,but it is hard for me to code
I always wanted to support someone in projects,so welcome

i would love to!

Awesome! I would love to hear you ideas,
This is the bio for my story: Mapeldale, Georgia. A town 30 miles from Atlanta where things aren’t as perfect as they seem. Four different people, all connected by one death. Will you find the pattern?
You can message me any ideas you might have here or onion @gshar.episode

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Great, you can pm me and we talk more about it or on ig @gshar.episode ***ig is better for me though

I’ve very recently started writing my first story!~ :sneezing_face: I’d love to have some writing friends so I can get motivated!

Consider me your first one then :blush:
Message me whenever you like here or on ig @gshar.episode

hi can anyone help me. I’m new to episode idk how to right on pc can one of u help me

  • SashaT39

Whats pc?