Whos talented?!?!

I need a cover done for my unpublished story!
Anyone that is up for the challenge, message me on my jnstagram: desire.epi


Hey! I’m part of an art group called @EpisodeStudio and I’m sure we can help you out! :blush:

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I’m sorry but ES is already closed now

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Im up for the challenge :wink:

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We are all talented in out ways :wink:
Anyway, good luck with your story xoxo
And I hope you get an amazing cover made :sparkling_heart:

Do you have any examples? xx

Hi I could help you with your coverm

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Do you have any examples?

Yes I do

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I make really good covers too…

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Could I see them please?

Can I see some examples please. x

I ddint do the face just edited - the face i didnt do but i edited

This one I did myself
I have mroe these are samples

I can help you @desire.epi !

just fill out this form and i’ll get started!

Cover Form!

Classic, Ink or Limelight?:
How many characters?:
Character’s details (image or typed out):
Character’s outfit(s)(image or typed out, allowed to ask me to draw or edit for you, however it depends on what kind of outfit you want):
Background (anything specific? etc.):
Story Title:
Author’s Name:
Description of your story?:
Genre of story? (horror, comedy, romance etc.):
Vibe of cover art? (happy, down, rainy, scary etc.):
Small and/or Large Cover:
Anything else you’d like to add on to the cover art? (flowers, balloons etc.):

An Example Of My Art!

It’s only one because of the internet! :sweat_smile:


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An example is my profile picture, but ill send you actual choices of covers in a bit :wink:

Edited covers


Drawn covers
Style 1


Style 2


If your interested please pm this form!


What kind of cover art/small or large?:
Character details:
Character outfits (I do custom outfits):
Poses (I do custom poses):
Background Describe or Upload
Authors name:
Theme of cover or splash:
Anything else?
If drawn cover which style? (Styles in my example):

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