Who's watching the Eurovision?

There are parts of it, I think the final is on Saturday, is there anyone here who watches the Eurovision? (I’m from Israel and I’m pretty grumpy a ticket is too expensive and I couldn’t go, the Eurovision happens in Israel literally once every 40 years-- this year it’s in Israel if you didn’t know)

I only watch the final of it with my dad and brother.
My dad hates it but still suffers through, unlike my mum. She absolutely despises singing competitions :joy:

I watch in on the telly :arrow_up:

I sometimes watch it. But I kinda don’t right now since my country didn’t make it to finals.

My roommate is i am not

I also only watch the finals. Whatever happens before that doesn’t matter to me.

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I watch it almost every year, I mean I don’t look forward to it or anything, but it’s fun to watch. I’ve accepted Britain will never win though :joy:


It could… but figures

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Same :joy:

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I watch it since 2004 and I love it <3

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